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Conference Timetable

28 October

14:00 Opening – Welcome Address
Tomazs Szulc – Chair of the Scientific Committee

Session 1
Chair: Simo Puntanen

14:15 Juan Manuel Peña
Positivity, accuracy and optimality: recent advances on some classes of matrices

14:45 Marija Dodig
Rank one perturbations

15:05 Anabela Silva
Contraction principles applied to the stability of fractional boundary value problems

15:25 Break

Session 2
Chair: Ana Nata

15:45 Yuki Nishida
Algebraic eigenvectors of max-plus matrices and applications

16:15 Ivana Šain Glibić

An algorithm for the complete solution of quartic eigenvalue problem

16:40 Ryo Tabata
Immanantal identities corresponding to plethysm


 29 October

Session 3
Chair: Dário Ferreira

09:30 K. Manjunatha Prasad
Generalizations of Core-Nilpotent Decomposition

10:15 Rosário Fernandes
Eigenvalues of the distance laplacian matrix 

10:35 Marko Stošić
Diagrammatics of generalized majorization

10:55 Break

Session 4
Chair: Katarzyna Filipiak

11:15 Carlos Agra Coelho
One-way MANOVA with block compound-symmetric covariance matrices with block-circular diagonal blocks

11:45 K.C. Sivakumar
New Results on M-matrices, H-matrices and their Inverse Classes

12:15 Simo Puntanen
Some further properties of BLUEs in full vs. small linear models

12:35 Break

Session 5
Chair: Célia Nunes

14:30 João Tiago Mexia
Asymptotic Normality for Smooth Statistics

14:50 Dário Ferreira
Inference in non normal mixed effects models with controlled heteroscedasticity

15:10 Sandra Ferreira
Relationship between moments and cumulants in the multivariate case

15:30 Break

Session 6
Chair: Augustyn Markiewicz

15:50 Patrícia Antunes
Confidence ellipsoids for symmetric and asymmetric distribution functions

16:20 Armando Alexandre
Regressional Families of Biaddictive Models

16:40 Closing – Farewell Address
Augustyn Markiewicz